Macau Seac Pai Van Park is a botanical garden located in the wooden area hills on the Western sides in the Island. It is near the Causeway near Taipa. The garden is mainly used as a family outing area with kids playing grounds. This is a must-see attraction when you’re visiting Macau. Areas that are set for picnics, flower beds, small animal zoo and walk areas with peacocks and other beautiful species. Inside the garden, one will find a small museum dedicated to works of Agriculture and nature. Additionally, visitors can find rare medicinal plants.

Agriculture Museum

By visiting the museum agriculture inside the Macau Seac Pai Van Park, visitors will be able to see different types of traditional equipments that have been used in farming around Macau region. In addition one will get information about the Coloanes ecosystems and different species of floras and faunas inside the museum. There are written and audio demonstrations for the visitors.

The garden

The garden offers adventures to visitors. The adventure leads to the shrine of A-Ma which is located at the mountain top. Here one can watch different fossils and ancient stones from archeological sites.

Plant collections

The Macau Seac Pai Van Park is a botanical garden. It is from here that one will get different plant species especially the medicinal ones. At the exotic garden, one will get 53 different plants while at the flagrant garden one can sample 32 different species. At the Arboretum, one will get to see over 100 species, 50 species at the pteridophyte walk and another 100 species of imported plants.

Education programmers

The Macau Seac Pai Van Park is famous for its education programs. Visitors will get leaflets and booklets for education purposes, have guided tours from the staff and get in various exhibitions carried out in the garden.

Other facilities

When visiting the Macau Seac Pai Van Park and botanical garden, one can visit the lake inside the park. The lake is ideal as from here visitors will see the waterfowls and swans. Inside, one takes a walk on the aviaries or look at different bird species.

For those who want to watch the pandas, then the Macau Seac Pai Van Park offers an excellent opportunity for such animal sights.