Macau Science Center is a science center which is situated in Macau. The idea of building this center came about in the year 2001 but the completion of the entire project was in 2009. This project was fully supported by the governments of both Portugal and Macau. One of the reasons why Macau Science Center was created was to create a desire for people to learn more about the culture and history of the Macanese people.

The government intended the center to be used to create awareness about these cultures and propagate them in the society. However, Macau Science Center did that and much more; today it is a tourist attraction which is known all over the world. This center has brought huge benefits to both the residents of Macau and the participants. The following are some of the benefits people have attributed to the center.

  • Education

Macau Science Centre brings both the young and the old together to learn more about science and answer science related questions. Many young people including children have benefited a lot in the conferences which are hosted in this place. Their interest and curiosity has been stirred by attending this center and many of them have left the center more informed and ready to spend time doing researches

  • Tourism

Macau science center is not only a landmark but it is also a tourist attraction. People from all over the world visit the center to see for themselves what it is. This has brought a lot of revenue to the government.

  • Conference halls

Macau science center has numerous conference halls which can be used to hold meetings or conferences.

  • Fun

Beside education, if you visit this place you will enjoy the breathtaking views in the house of the dancing water and other great entertaining sites. Your kids will enjoy themselves at the Mc café and look forward to visiting Macau science center again.