People these days expect a lot from their holiday trips and one can find all the fun and adventure that one looks forward in a holiday by visiting Macau. One of the most vastly populated countries in world it also is a hub for invention of various new effective machinery, besides one can also find various gadgets and electronic device at cheap prices here compared to other countries.

Macau one of the famous places in China also is the first and the last European colony in the country. The place was home to Portuguese traders initially. It also is famous because of sky tower that is located in there. The tower measures about 338 meters and is the tenth highest freestanding building in the world. However, the tower standing in Macau is a copy of one present in Auckland, New Zealand. Stanley Ho Hung-Sun a billionaire from Macau visited Auckland and was impressed by the design of the sky tower there from which he ordered to build the same in his country.

The construction of the tower took about three years, which was made under the supervision of Beca group an engineering firm New Zealand. Some of the exciting feature that one can experience while visiting the tower are as follows:

One who fears heights should better avoid visiting the sky tower as when one reaches the top of the tower one can see bird’s eye view of the entire place, which also is very scary due to the height.

When one visits the top of the observation deck, one can enjoy the panoramic view. Besides the observation lounge is made that one can see the ground beneath them, which is about 233 meters. So while walking over it one feels as if he is walking in air making the experience completely different. In addition, one can also take advantage of the shopping malls and theatres in the tower.

One surely cannot miss the thrilling skywalk X. It includes a walking tour along the outer rim of the tower. One can have best view of Macau from the tower. The sky tower is also used as bungee jumping these days, which is called as sky jump. It is the highest point used for bungee jumping in the world with a height of 233 meters.

In addition to the adventure and entertainment purposes of the tower, it is also used for broadcasting and telecommunications making it one of the important towers in the area. The tower also includes glass elevators enabling the visitors to get a fantastic view of Macau while climbing up to the top of the tower in elevators.

Besides the above mentioned features of the sky tower sport climbing, Long flying fox, long Iron walk, Bungy trampoline are some other exciting features that it offers to its visitors. However, the mentioned features are available on certain occasions. The Macau sky tower is a complete package that gives you the most th